Audio System Rental in KL

When choosing the right audio system for your event, there’re several factors to consider. Many agencies offer a general service that covers common events’ necessities but will not adapt to particular specifications.

That’s one of the reasons why MDT Music is your best option for audio and audiovisual system renting: we can provide exactly what you need! As a part of this industry since 1996, we’ve attended countless events, offering the best counseling and service to give each one the sound and visuals it deserves.

audio system rental kl
sound system rental kl

Our audio system can reach smaller crowds of 20 to 50 people to larger gatherings up to thousand people. It counts with the capacity for covering both indoors and outdoors events: corporate event (annual dinner, product launching & etc), private event, wedding dinner & etc. This includes, of course, a set of devices that could be rented as a whole package, or customized. Our available equipment is:

  • High-quality speakers that will reach every corner of your location
  • Mixer for getting the party started with the hottest music!
  • Mic set for conferences, animation or even karaoke!
  • Wireless headset for comfort and better public interaction.
  • In-ear-monitor for superb communication
  • And of course, proper instrument miking, console configuration, etc.

Our top-quality sound system will cover regular and big happenings, providing full sound experience including audio set and support for events up to 2,000 people. But that’s not it! We can also provide the perfect illumination and audiovisual solutions for you!

MDT music offers a combination of audio and audiovisual services, with all the solutions you need to provide the event that necessary atmosphere. Our services include:

  • Moving head lights to create that “music festival” effect, ideal for parties, weddings, and huge events.
  • Parcan lights to provide solid illumination directly to where you need it, without being too intense. Ideal for color lights.
  • Wash lighting offers you coverage of larger areas with a smoother light, ideal for general illumination and “setting atmosphere” illumination.
  • Spotlighting for following the bride, the speaker or whoever it’s the starring figure of the night! Everybody will be seeing them bright and clear!

We also offer our expert technicians support for configuring and selecting the right audiovisual system for your event! MDT Music is the perfect audio and audiovisual system choice!

Choosing the right PA System begins by estimating the size of the audience that you would like to cover



Our goal is to make your event exactly what you had in mind, so our sound systems are customizable according to the budget and the type of event. We count on the best brands to guarantee you’ll always have top quality sound, including:

sound system rental kl


sound system rental kl


sound system rental kl



MDT Music provides High Quality PA system for your company and corporate event, seminar, wedding, indoor/outdoor events and etc.


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